Connecting untapped talent to in-demand jobs.

Skillist is a job application platform that makes it easier for employers and jobseekers to connect by bringing skills to the center of the process.


Skillist is proud to partner with employers and organizations like:

Finally, a job application process that works for everyone.

Skillist makes it easy to:


Find qualified talent.

Too many qualified candidates are passed over because they don’t have the right degree or pedigree. Skillist helps employers focus on what really matters.

Let jobseekers show their skills.

Skillist has reinvented the resumé, allowing applicants to focus on demonstrating what they can do rather than where they did it.

Simplify and standardize applications.

It shouldn’t matter if an applicant has access to resumé editing or formatting services. The Skillist application gives everyone an equal shot to present their skills.

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