Getting a Great Job with a Retail Background

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't look around once in a while, you might miss it." 

- Ferris Bueller

Ferris Bueller hard at work.

Ferris Bueller hard at work.

Now while this classic movie quote comes from a fictional, suburban high schooler, it rings true, especially when you apply it to your career. Work can become so busy (not to mention all your responsibilities at home!), that it’s hard to find time to reflect on what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown. The thing is, no matter what job you’re working in, you’re gaining new skills. That’s why Skillist is on a mission to help you take stock of your constantly evolving skillset, and to use that self-knowledge to snag an awesome job.

Retail is a very common profession - and one that is commonly undersold! If you’ve worked in retail before, do you possess the skills in the list below? And if you do, are you accounting for it as you plan your next career move?

Top 10 Skills Most Common Among Retail Workers*

  1. Communication Skills

  2. Stocking

  3. Customer Service

  4. Sales and Marketing

  5. Merchandising

  6. Planogram

  7. Recruiting

  8. Relationship Management

  9. Leadership

  10. Attention to detail

Maybe you already know that customer service is a huge selling point on your resume, or that you’re a shoe-in for a gig in sales. If not, don’t sell yourself short - retail experience provides many great skills that can elevate your career. All you have to do is recognize those skills within yourself, and show them off. And the best part? These skills are transferrable to tons of different industries. Below you’ll find a list of the top job categories and industries that require retail skills - you’ll see everything from travel to health care. We hope you’ll be inspired by some new career pathways that you may not have considered before!

Top 10 Job Categories with the Most In-Demand Retail Skills*

  1. Sales (Business)

  2. Customer Service (Business)

  3. Advertising and Marketing (Business)

  4. Restaurant (Food and Beverage)

  5. Insurance (Finance and Insurance)

  6. Business Services (Business)

  7. Communications (Business)

  8. Business Development (Business)

  9. Warehousing (Transportation and Storage)

  10. Events (Arts and Entertainment)

Top 10 Industries with the Most In-Demand Retail Skills*

  1. Business

  2. Food and Beverage

  3. Finance and Insurance

  4. Transportation and Storage

  5. Arts and Entertainment

  6. Education

  7. Industrial Goods and Services

  8. Health Care

  9. Technology

  10. Travel and Tourism

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*Thank you to Christine Barerra of ZipRecruiter for these statistics.

Caroline Fay