Welcome to Skillist!

Tired of interpreting confusing job descriptions just to figure out if you’re qualified? Frustrated by constantly having to rewrite and reformat your resume? Wishing there was a better way to search and apply for jobs? You’re not alone. Our team at Skillist knows that the current job application process is out-of-touch and ineffective - and we are fixing it! Skillist is building a better job platform, one that eliminates lengthy job descriptions and cover letters and instead enables employers and job-seekers to connect easily and transparently around actual skills.

A new job platform that puts skills first is long overdue. It’s not just that jobseekers get frustrated writing dozens of cover letters, or that employers dislike sifting through hundreds of candidates. The current system is so ineffective that it’s causing a massive employment gap. Millions of qualified job-seekers are overlooked for professional, well-paying jobs and end up taking work below both their paygrade and their skills. But at the same time, more than 3 million entry-level opportunities go unfilled every year because employers can’t find the right talent. That just doesn’t make sense!

At Skillist, we know that many of the community college students and grads who struggle to find quality work really do possess the skills that employers desire. Our job platform is designed to match job-seekers and employers based on skills first, giving you much better access to the great jobs you deserve.

The Skillist platform will be launching later this summer (featuring lots of great Boston-area employers!), but we can’t wait to start working with you. Join our Facebook page for career advice specifically tailored to you, and tell us about the jobs you're looking for here. If you’re an employer that is seeking a more inclusive entry-level talent pool, please contact us here to list your open roles with us.